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Hermes Padlock 2 Keys Matte Silver Padlock Key 107@ 115

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Item Name : Padlock Padlock
: Hermes
Model number/Material
: Plating
: Matte silver (matte type)
Reference list price
: Unconfirmed
: W2 x H3.5 x D1cm
Production number : None
: What you see in the picture.

・It is a padlock of the Hermes.
・The entire product is plated with metal material.
・It can be opened and closed with a key.
・It can be used not only as a padlock, but also as an accessory such as a pendant top.

Condition comment
: The body has light scratches and small scratches here and there, but there is no plating peeling or noticeable damage, and it is clean. There are no noticeable dents on the edges and corners. There are no scratches or peeling of the plating on the back of the U-shaped part. The opening and closing is firm.

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